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Medicine Security Shelf

Relief for the responsibility

The internal electronic scale in each box monitors and records the time, user and volume when each medicine is taken in or out automatically. By setting the limit on the use of contents in each box, the system will alarm in case of abnormal use.

Card reader
(for magnetic card)

LED indicator
(for each box content)

Ten Key
(to input box number)


(stainless steel)

(2kg max., min. unit 1g)

Applicable for various uses

1. Liquid medicine (for medical use)

Easy verification of time, user, volume management of poisonous chemicals, and reagents

2. Information management (for office use)

For management of floppy disks, CD, MO disks, or important documents

3. Tools and test instruments (for industrial use)

For management of various important tools and measuring instruments

4. For various use

For management of keys, notary seals, and other important goods

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