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Auto Three Side Book Polisher

Amazing book polishing system

Amazing book polishing system

Simply press a button

Ideal for used book polishing
10 seconds to polish 8~12 books

  • Safely and easily revives books
  • Low noise for use inside shop
  • Compact body to place anywhere

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Prodcut Sample
Security Box System

Each box has
a tray inside

Reading the individual ID
with a touch of key-card to
the sensor


The dedicated software on this auto operating box (with a tag) manages and records the user, use-time and frequency (or what's rented and at what time), enabling easy setup of a security box with simple operation, reducing the manager's task.

· Easy setup

Install the software and connect to LAN port or USB.

· Easy operation

Just touch the screen, place the card over reader, open the door, take out and close.

· Easy monitoring

The computer can tell you how many boxes are used or left empty at the end of the day.

more detail
Japanese site