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Industrial Measuring Amplifier

  • Simple design with emphasis on the basic function
  • Low cost & high performance
  • Input-output isolation
  • Storage case (optional) available for easy multi-channel expansion

Industrial Measuring Amplifier
Thin Type 4Ch Isolation Amplifier (ISO-190)

Feature – Economical combined type

  • Input-output isolation
  • Output inverting
  • Floating type differential input
  • Empty channel input/output protection
  • Gain 0.2~100X
  • High-Output impedance with power OFF
  • Low cost high performance

4Ch. isolation amplifier ISO-190 runs on AC100V and can be a 4 channel single amp; with an optional storage case, it also works as a multi-channel amplifier with high packaging density. Input and output is completely isolated so as in between each channel, protecting and isolation the measurer from the sensor generated noise.

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