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Established Integrated Production System

Since establishment, Fullheart Japan and Harvest Japan have been designing and manufacturing our products and OEM's for the highest satisfaction of our customers.

From designing, supplying and manufacturing of each parts, circuit board, units, mechatronics, wiring, control panel assembling to remodeling and adjustments, our integrated production system can work for you.
We assure that we can be your business partner in system manufacturing needs.

Administration and Purchase

Our purchase department that procures materials is placed directly to the factory for prompt supply and can respond to abrupt order change.

Our unique production management system enables highly efficient operation. Our current aim is a paper-less operation to cope with global warming.

1st Manufacturing Unit

The 1st Manufacturing Unit conducts Unit assembly, control panel production, mechatronics assembly, measurer piping, harness production and assembly.

New and repeat products are made here; remodeling and repair of older models are also conducted here. We have work record on various wiring and assembly from outdoor control board to small test equipments for indoor use.

2nd Manufacturing Unit

The 2nd Manufacturing Unit conducts Designing, manufacturing, installment to testing.

We take order from one piece to mass production to respond to your need in universal circuit board, hand-made soldering, reflow, lead free and corresponding to RoHS.

Quality Control

President's quality control policy

"Plan, Do, Check" and always action with positive improvement" is our president' motto on quality control. Instead of "confirming everything", "gaining of customer's trust" is the goal of quality control. We are endeavoring daily to sustain the level of "ISO Quality Management System" and established "integrated production system".

Parts Processing Unit

Precision sheet metal processing is mainly conducted; in addition to various product processing.
Processing is done in stainless steel, iron, aluminum, brass, treated steel and other materials.
We help welding, casting, burring, plating, hairline treatment, V-line processing, coating, laser cutting, spot welding, R bending, screen printing and engraving.

Design Unit

Design Unit conducts Designing of unit, mechanical, system, and software.
Our specialty is development of control panel and equipment with electric circuit and embedded software and designing of software using sequencer.
With our extensive record on number of control panel and software design, we provide products with excellent safety, operation ability and looks.